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Ken-ichi Tsuzuki    Tokyo, Japan      7/8/2006  

1/4 scale Kinner K5 radial aero engine

 bore: 27mm, stroke: 33.4mm, compression ratio: 9

displacement: 95.6cc

lubrication: dry sump, oil tank volume: 28ml oil pressure: 0.15 to 0.2MPa (with relief valve) 1000 to 4500rpm with diameter 22inch pitch 10 inch props.


The drawings of this engine can be found in SIC Issue: #36,37,38,39 & 40.

 This engine was designed by Merritt Zimmerman.   I built it according to the articles by Pieter Dekker.   It took 2 years and 5 months to build it.

 This engine needs rich gas condition at cold start probably because of wide space after the carburetor. So I made choke valve.  It works well.


And this engine has very small distributor and Peter Dekker wrote that it caused ignition trouble.

So I used direct ignition system.  For direct ignition system, it needs 5 ignition coils.  I made ignition coils according to Bob Shores "Ignition coils and magnetos in miniature"  This book is very interesting  and my coils works well.


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