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Steve Huck,          Sterling Heights, MI             9/1/2008

Inline 4    4 Cylinder, 2 cycle

Here are a few pictures of my just finished ?4. It was called the Hex-4 but now is built from a casting instead of hex bar. Now that the casting has a round shape it will need a new name. It was designed by Jerry James, the designer of the hex-4. The casting is made from a ZA-12 material that is intended to wear better than aluminum. It machined well and only took 2 weekends and a few week nights to build. From our e-mails, I believe he will not mind me showing this to anybody. I believe the castings will be available soon if they are not already.

The opportunity is there to make it look anyway you want. I shaped the nose to give it a "cirrus" feel. The rear cover and intake can be changed to give any look you want. I also added the prop hub instead of having a threaded stud. The casting is very nice and the build went with no surprises.

The crankshaft is designed as to create 4 separate crankcase sections. The porting is done thru the crankshaft itself. Cylinders 1 and 3 fire and then 2 and 4 fire. For a full description of how it works and an exploded view of the engine follow this link.



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