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Dale Detrich                     Attica, OH       

Plumbing T2 ,  0.75 bore X 0.625 stroke  6/15/2008   Part 2  Click here to go to Part 1


Just a note about the 3/4" cast brass cross T-2 engine.....After a long drawn out start up the cross "T2" is now up and running well........After many hours of false  thoughts, and a few mechanical changes , I finally got the "T-2" to go the last Saturday evening......The engine started got up and running, so I kept the gas tank filled , and ran the engine for over an hour.....The engine , as you know is made out of almost all of the brass "T" parts and pieces......The engine has a different firing order than most twins.....The number 1 fires at "0" degrees on the cam shaft, and the #2 cylinder fires at 90 degrees on the cam and 180 degrees on crank.......Then it continues with no more firing for the next 270 degrees on the cam, and 540 degrees on the flywheel.....It has a "nice but different sound to the exhaust.....Due to the pistons rods connected to a common crank pin, the pistons move in parallel , both to the #1 side of the engine and then both to the #2 cylinder side of the engine......The engine has two CD ignitions, and is run like two separate engines, tied to a common crank......#1 cylinder is fueled by a separate carb , as is the #2 cylinder.....I have not put the tach. on the engine, and this is just a guess the idle speed is around 900 - 1000 RPM.....The top end seems to be around 6,000 rpm......I will check it out with the tach, and let you know......The "T-2" engine has a .750 bore X .625 stroke......And is built from almost all of the "Brass T" parts.....The endplates and the heads are modified for the "T-2" engine......So you can put the Cast brass cross "T-2" in the completed section of the galley.......I will send you a series of pictures of the engine being built......If anyone has any questions, Please get in touch with me......Dale Detrich                           

  VIDEO 1 (Windows media file).  A short video of the engine running.  5/26/2009


The start up was a slow  process........The "T-2" engine is sparked by two MN standard CD units.....750 bore X .625 stroke, I am running 5 rings on the pistons (4 compression and 1 oil ring),4 ball bearings and a .420 long bushing on the crank, the cam/engine timing is #1 cylinder fires at 0 degrees on the cam, and #2 cylinder fires at 90 degrees on the cam, and then does not fire again for 270 degrees on the cam shaft.....This firing order gives you a "different" , but pleasant exhaust note......The engine is fast to the throttle, and has a fast top RPM....I will try to get you a video of the engine running

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