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Jasonne Rich,          Iselin, NJ             4/14/2007

Scout 3,  2 Cylinder

Jay sent me this video and I had questions.  It was of an engine running with a clear cylinder.  Click on video to watch it.

yes its a clear cylinder its made from ace hardware acrylic but i recommend mc master carr acrylic it hold up better i also machined a head that only worked once and my cameras battery was dead so i made the cylinder the trick to this cylinder is not to let the thing age i mean sit around at the top its only 1/32 thick so to get you this video i cheated i used glue to fix the 3

pin holes at the top of the cylinder


ive posted that link on a engine ive found and have built one of the carbs in this book it works well with the scout 3 iv got small bug to work out but not to many here are the pics of the got to remake it and make the choke plate so far my thumb works well to ....jay


here is the link to the whole book i am trying to get supplies together to build the 3/12 hp in this book well here is the link let me know on what you think of it iv got 1?


the carb design works i was amazed i might have to re make the needle support because some times the needle vibrates open and stays open but yes it works well also the height of the fuel acts as you air control for the air gas mix this you got to play with to get it rite but you canít flood the engine i hope to get a video soon to you and the group id do have a / on the carb how do i scale it down ....jay



  VIDEO of valve timing (Windows media file). 


  VIDEO of A EARLY STARTING TEST (Windows media file). 









well as all of you know I tried my best to make scout one run but it was my fault a design flaw to short of a stroke in both cylinders so I am trying again this scout is bigger and about half scale the internal flywheels are 1/2 inch thick and 4 inches in diameter piston and cylinders are 1.5 i.d and in this build I got a new toy a mini mill some of the engine case cuts were done on the new mill  ....jay



Click her to see Scout 2 engine


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