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Peter Pereszlenyi,     Bratislava, Slovakia          11/24/2006

Soon, it will be a year that I build my first IC, so it is highest time to start new project.

I was inspired by Bob Shore’s Silver Bullet  and  Edgar T. Westbury’s Wallaby engine.

This is my attempt to build similar engine from bar stock.  I made first drawings 2 weeks ago.

Bore:     25mm

Stroke:  30mm



This is cylinder block and crank case –both not yet finished.

2/19/2007  Lots of progress is being made.


after longer pause I'm sending update of where I am with my engine build.

 Finally I succeed in building single piece crankshaft and camshaft.

I still need to make, piston rings, tappets & guides, distributor, carburetor, water pump, radiator..

I still don't have name for this engine..





it is a long time since last update with my engine.  I'm sending video of one of the first test runs.

 I like the sharp sound of it. compression is great.  Still lots of work to finish it to final stage but it is running now ! :)



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