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Jasonne Rich,          Iselin, NJ             7/8/2006

Scout 2 Cylinder, flat head


I have most of my new engine done its a v twin and I built this engine in memory of my great grand dad and my grand father he is still alive and was a mechanic all his life he love the side winder and told me this jay your a artist of all your trades art tattooing and now this your engines just as I was so to all of my fore fathers I name this after them the scout as in the Indian they all had this engine and one day I will to and I also honor Burt Munro he also is like me blow it up and rebuild it better ....offerings to the gods of little engines

As all ways I made no plans just sat a big piece of brass in front of me and just looked around and remembered some engines on Indians but wanted to make a flat head well let me know on these pics and this I hope to finish before I lose all my parts I am moving in the process of finishing the scout ill keep all of the guys posted ....

8/27/2006   i have remade the connecting rods and redesigned


9/4/2006  More pictures



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