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Ronald Wright        New Zealand       

Horizontal Hit and Miss,  22mm bore X 15mmstroke  4/16/2010

I should have replied to your last email sooner , but got engrossed in this project. Have my model almost finished.  

I multiplied your measurements x 30,  used 2,3,4,&5 mm. Cap heads,   Flywheels steel, Piston & conrod alloy, bought the gears,  bore is 22mm x stroke 25mm. Just have the valves to finish, plus ignition, ( would like to use electronic , what would you suggest ? ) You will notice the cylinder/hopper/base is  3 parts, not up to machining that !  This is the first IC engine I have built.   Will send photos when complete .      

(Ronald multiplied the inch dimensions by 30 to convert to mm.  It is much simpler that using the 25.4 and the model comes out about 20% larger.  The challenge is converting the screws and thread sizes. David)


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