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Tom Phillips,     Broken Arrow, OK     6/12/2008

Acoustic Lamina Stirling  

This one is a two cylinder version built on my idea of the single cylinder Acoustic Lamina Stirling.

The bore is larger at .610" and stroke at .750" and the Lamina responds well to the larger bore and stroke.

The cylinder piston linkages are connected to the flywheel at 180 degrees apart using two brass counter balancers.

 The hot end uses Pyrex test tubes that are the same as the single cylinder at 20mm X 150mm. Each have stainless steel wool regenerators.

The pistons are carbon and the cold is end made from brass bar stock using an aluminum heat sink/mount.

Linkages are made from brass bar stock using ball bearings at the pivot points.

I machined the flywheel from four inch gray cast iron bar stock. It measures 4" D. X  1/2" Thick with spokes 1/4" thick X 3/8" wide. It uses a stainless steel shaft with ball bearings.

The alcohol burner was made from brass tube and bar stock with stainless steel wick holders. One burner holds two wicks.

I am including a small video clip. In  the video the wheel seems to stop turning because it out ran my camera (at approx. 500 rpm) 


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