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Kamran Nili                     Boynton Beach, FL                                 8/2/2004

Silver Eagle Engine   7/8 bore X 7/8 stroke,  Single cylinder horizontal 4 cycle water cooled hit or miss gas engine


This is the Silver Eagle designed by Bob Shores and also designed to be the easy to build engine. The engine was machined using a Homier 7X12 Lathe and Harbor fright mini Mill.

The casting kit for this Engine is includes aluminum frame, cylinder, and 2 bearing caps. Also include in the kit are 2 cast silicon Bronze flywheel. I have completed 95% of the building and just a few minor parts left to be completed. I lost the original bearing caps that came with the casting therefore I had to make my own. If you follow the plan and construction suggestions that come with kit, you should not have any problems building this engine.

Plans for this engine are available at .

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