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Tom Phillips,     Broken Arrow, OK       11/18/20057

Lamina Sterling

I just finished this Acoustic Stirling engine (Lamina) and thought I would share some pictures and a video with you.



My name is Tom Phillips from Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

 I have designed and built a Stirling Engine that is new to me but has been around for a while.

It is an Acoustic Stirling that is different from most Stirlings because it has no displacer on the hot end.

It uses pulses from the cold end piston and a regenerator pack in the hot end to operate.

The regenerator pack is made from a Stainless Steel scoring pad and is mounted in a Pyrex test tube. The tube is mounted to the cold end by O rings in groves.

The cold end is made from brass which is bored and honed to a very close tolerance and is mounted in an aluminum stand which also helps to dissipate heat.

The piston is made from carbon and attached with brass linkage to the balancer/flywheel assembly. This assembly is mounted on a stand made from bar stock aluminum.

All bearings are ball bearing and the whole assembly has very little friction.

The Stirling requires very little heat and creates very good torque. It starts easily and will run until it runs out of fuel. By the nature of the engine will operate in either direction.

I use denatured alcohol in the homemade burner made from brass bar stock.

   VIDEO  (Windows media file). 


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