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Pete Wood,          Rolling Hills Estates, CA           12/22/2006

Stuart Turner S50 mill engine

The first engine built last year was the Stuart Turner S50 mill engine model . Both engines were built on my Atlas Model#618 lathe and my friends Craftsman 12inch lathe and milling machine.

What’s in the video:

This was my first attempt at building an engine from castings. It has a special memory for me as I remember my dad showing me a store in London called Bassett Lowke which had several Stuart engines displayed in the window. This was around 1939 when I was only 5 years old. Actually Stuart started selling model engine castings in the early years of the 20th century and they are still in business!

The video shows a Stuart S-50 model of a mill engine dating back to the age of steam in the 19th century. The castings had fine detail and were of excellent quality. I have not run the engine on live steam yet but it runs realistically on about 1 lb/in2 of compressed air.

A video of the engine running        VIDEO (Windows media file). 



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