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Jasonne Rich,          Iselin, NJ             2/11/2006

Copper Head 2 Cylinder

got great news and the story to go with it well I can final say I created my little monster and with a bolt of lighting it ran yes wow what a felling and it was all a dumb mistake by me I saw a small ark on the plug wire and found out it was a broken connection fixed this and the next flip bang a small flame from the exhaust port and a quick 15 second run at low rpm I advanced the timing and it ran at a higher rpm so now I still have a puzzle its runs and climbs in rpm but it the middle of this it pops or goes out of time for 1 cycle and then the rpms ramp back slowly but I know I got some bugs to work out and maybe a exhaust cam to re make but wow what a kool feeling



My hopes are really down had a little pop and I noticed the crank was loose but ill get some pics to you soon I really am lost I have been a mechanic all my life with all types of engine but to me it seams either I lost the magic or its not in this little guy please help I will send as many pics as I can get to you the base for this engine is a 5/8 piston a o ring for a ring and a 21/32 cylinder tube rocker /over head well side cam sprocket sizes are 10 tooth and 20 crank and cam .

I am doing most of my work on a drill press I made in to a mil /dill it made all my engines so far and I love the challenge but I do wish I had room for a mini lathe work would be easier I use the lathe at work but its old and been beat a lot I hope to see your plans on the 4 stroke I have in the attachments the pics I promised you and the rest of our group you guys have helped in the pics I did not put the timing chain on ? on fuel what is best and hot and what are you thoughts on fuel for this engine I am using a 6 volt coil and points I have from mike neal a ec coil and ssm I bought I like them a lot but want the engine to prove to me it will run on the 6 volt first I don't want to wreak the ssm or coil well here you go let me know on thoughts and I know I got to polish it and clean it up I will after the little gut runs and proves to me its got life ....

well think of re making the head and no hope ive tried a drop or 2 of gas and no pop nada re placed o ring compressing was a little weak ? does the plug size make a difference and if so what size ? I was thinking of using a auto valve for in take what did you think and fly wheel size I have a 3 inch on there should it be larger ?honestly I am at a lost but want it to run I am going to post a sos with the guys and sees if there is and hope

11/24/2006  This is a video of Jays Nitro Oil form the message board.  In the beginning Jay adds WD-40 and Tap Magic to the overhead valves, after a few seconds the speed doubles and then slows down.  Jay thinks the oil mix is like Nitro, but some people suspect it is lubricating the cylinder.  THis is really an amazing engine that runs very well considering the limited tools Jay has.  David

  click here for the video

12/31/2006   well here is a carb that runs well and i dedicated it to my dad so i call it dads carb sorry no plans for it but i do say it runs and works well


it was tested on the side winder and is a hog on gas as in engine size its good up to a 1 inch piston and it runs pretty good a slow ramp up to speed type of carb ill take it apart and get you some sizes it was a brain fart carb it will work also on your engine


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