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John Moore,     Crewe, Cheshire, United Kingdom

The Cygnet Royal, a radial steam engine designed by Edgar T. Westbury.   7/27/2003
The Engine stands 4" high and runs very well on 5 to 80 PSI of air, being rotary there is very little vibration and the exhaust note sounds like a muffled i/c engine.
When run on steam the engine tightens up after a couple of minutes running, I think this is due to being made with too tight a tolerance on the steam control valve and the different expansion rates of aluminum and cast iron. I think it just needs an hour of running in on steam.
The castings and plans were obtained from Woking Precision Models (there are a lot more Westbury engines, mainly i/c on this web site) at a cost of about $100.

2) Showing my own design steam control valve to give fully variable forward/reverse. the engine is timed to run in one direction only, but runs perfectly well in reverse)

3) Shows rear mounted rotary steam chest.




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