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Dave Petersen, Tucson, AZ.    (          1/2/2011

This Stirling fan engine is a James Senft design built around a tea candle stand. A 20mm displacer cylinder of Pyrex matched to a 5/8 inch copper power cylinder drive an eight inch diameter fan of brass in the 300 to 350 RPM range. A 2 oz. lab burner allows over 2.5 hours run time.  A heat shield at the bottom of the displacer cylinder above the flame helps prevent heat traveling into the body of the engine and 3 layers of 1/16 inch cork on the radiator baseplate further isolate excessive heat.  First run in April 2008 I have this engine going weekly at my computor desk on a diet of rubbing alchohol. It's an engine with a purpose!          Thanks!   Dave Petersen


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