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Dave Petersen, Tucson, AZ.    (          1/2/2011

This is my first scratch built Stirling. A 90 degree "Gamma" type beam engine, it was inspired by a photo on the internet of a simular model by a German craftsman. A previous kit built Stirling got my engine hobby started and understanding the Stirling principles I have been building Stirlings since 2006. This model features 20 mm Pyrex displacer cylinder with brass/ aluminum displacer (piston). The vertical power cylinder is 5/8in. copper water pipe with graphite piston.  Stroke is 3/4 in. A 2 inch fan driven with a VCR belt draws air across the radiator. 600 to 900RPM operational speed. Fuel cup is 1/2 oz of 70% rubbing alchohol and allows about 40 minutes run time.  Completed Apr. 2006.                   Thank you,  Dave



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