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David Kerzel         Pompano Beach, FL       (8/24/2008)

Modular_1 Revision 2   Compressed Air Engine

At NAMES 2008 Mike Rehmus of Model Engine Builder Magazine expressed interest in my simple CO2 engines.  We agreed the Modular 1 was a ideal first or second engine.  More complex than a wobbler but still simple enough so it will always work.  I agreed to update my notes to be a construction article for the magazine.

The original Modular 1 was a early design of mine and had several difficult parts, a cylinder liner, and difficult machining details.  I believe Revision 2 has eliminated all that.  The engine can be made on a small lathe like a Sherline with the aid of a drill press.

The Modular 1 is a Pin and Ball Valve engine that runs on compressed air.  It is based on model air craft engines that used CO2 cartridges for power.  Being powered by compressed air there is more power available for less than perfect machining.  It seems like a great first machine shop project, quick, easy, no special materials or tools.

These small air powered engines are ideal starting points for more complex air operated engines like V8's or radials. 

Click here for Modular_1 Revision 2  Compressed Air Engine Plans.





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