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David Kerzel         Pompano Beach, FL       (7/2002)

Modular_1-   Compressed Air Engine

Recently I was looking for simple engine plans to recommend to first time builders and could only find oscillating compressed air engines.  I decided to start a project of several basic engines simple and quick to build that demonstrate the basics of different designs, cycles, etc.  The first is a Pin and Ball Valve engine that runs on compressed air.  It is based on model air craft engines that used CO2 cartridges for power.  Being powered by compressed air there is more power available for less than perfect machining.  It seems like a great first machine shop project, quick, easy, no special materials or tools.

Free Plans are available at .  Please review then or better yet consider building one.  Let me know how it goes.



The popularity of this engine has inspired an updated and simpler version, Revision 2.

  Plans and construction notes should appear Model Engine Builder Magazine. Issue 16 or 17.



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