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Roy Rice                      Atlanta, GA                                  12/19/2002

my in-construction "Little Angel". I started the engine in September this year, and hope to complete it by the new  year. The second photo is of the governor parts. You can include it or not, as you choose.

I met Bob Shores at the SAMS meet last year, and admired his machining  and designing skills. I ordered the plan set from him early this year, but was in the process of completing another engine at the time, so had to get that one done before I started the Little Angel.

Roy displays his work at http:///www.stirlingsouth.comIt is an interesting mix of information, including sterling, I.C. engines and EDM parts.  David


12/26/2002  I like to make split collets or taper lock bushings for my flywheels (This one hasn't been split yet, but they hold surprisingly well even before splitting). They hold very securely but are easy to remove, and you don't need to worry about cutting keyways or flats on your crankshaft.


12/30/2002 I have the first assembly of the Angel on the test stand now, running it in per Bob's suggestion in his construction notes. I have about an hour running time on it as of today (12/31/02). It was pretty stiff when I started, but is now getting very smooth. It currently resides on my Radial Arm Saw. Seemed like a good place to clamp the motor that is running it. The close up shows a bit of aluminum scrap left from my grinding away some of the fins to get clearance for the flyballs. I have the carburetor done, and am working on the muffler. I am rather proud of the oil drain valve I made (lower left in the detailed photo. I had a 1/4 mtp tap and die, so being too cheap to spend another $60 in the smaller tap and die as specified by Bob, I just made do with what I had.


1/10/2003  The angel ran today! I still have a lot of tweaking to do, but it ran - governed, too. The attached photo is of the Angel on my rather non-sophisticated test bench (my radial arm saw table). It took a bit of experimentation with the needle valve, but I was getting a good spark, the timing was adjusted to Bob's recommendations, so I figured all it needed was the right amount of gas. I had to adjust the needle valve out more than I would have thought (Bob's needle valve design has more range of adjustment than any I have made before), but when I finally got it right, away she went.


The Silver Angel has finally found a home. The box is cherry wood, resawn from a door frame part that I have had for years. Inside the box is 3 "D" cells, Jerry Howell's TIM-6 transistorized ignition and a Modelectric coil. My thanks go to Bob Verhaeghe for the 3 D cell idea. So far Angel has run about 12 hours, and is a little jewel. Thanks to bob shores for a great design.



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