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George Hunt                      Honaker VA             

hear are some In Progress shots of the first engine that I started building, It is finely almost finished! This engine is my own design and was started about 4 years ago , I thought I had it finished but could never get it to run and gave up on it for a while ! After I got my maverick running I decided to give it another shot! I have redesigned the cylinder head , cam , and the flywheel . The current flywheel is way to big and after I get the engine running I will replace it with a smaller one. The engine is a .750 stroke X .8125 bore single cylinder water cooled overhead cam , with ball main bearings . The carb. is made from modified plans from S.I.C. (I changed a few non critical details) for a two jet carb. that was published a couple of years back . This engine is almost complete now but I don't have any photos showing it assembled yet!


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