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Dewayne Lockler                      Luka MS                        lock@nadata,net                2/1/2003

This is the Philip Duclos designed Odd-Ball 6-cycle hit&miss engine I started the first week of January. It has a
3/4 bore and 1-5/8 stroke. The cam gear allows the exhaust valve to stay open for three revolutions of the crankshaft, hence the 6-cycle.


The flywheel/crank assembly is mounted in the frame (02-08-09). The cylinder,piston,and rod are next. I plan to make my own rings.








3/30/2003   Finally back to the 6-cycle after having to stay away from it a couple months! It now has the cylinder and piston added.
Next are the rings and con-rod. (3-29-03) Also are pictures of the piston being parted-off and a set-up in the mill where the mill work is being done to the piston.



4/13/2003   I got the con-rod, rod bushing, wrist pin, and piston rings made this weekend (04-12-03). I followed Dale Detrich's advice on making the rings from scrap camshaft material.
The cam came from a blown up 20 HP Kohler V-twin. They turned out perfect!! I dont know how well they will run, but they shure do look and fit good! I also used Dales method of heat-treatment. Thanks Dale for the tip. Its amazing how much usefull scrap is laying around! The following pictures show the steps taken to make them. More to follow.







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