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 Dale Detrich                      Attica, OH                

These are some pictures of my 4 cylinder horz. opposed engine , it is the same as the engine shown in the gallery. while I am making chips for this engine , I am also making parts for the next engine.. This makes for slow progress, and at the same time I am taking a series of pictures, which are going to end up in a CD



Pictures added 10/28/2002






A complete engine.

I will still have an engine in progress , remember that I am building two engines at one time, and the pictures are of the first engine.. I am in start up at this time , and am turning the engine with a drill motor, and the engine is firing, but will still take some time to get cam timing and ignition timing where I want them to be...Then you get into setting up two carbs.. No wonder that I have  bunch of gray hair, still that may go along with being 63 years old...(ha) this is a pix. of my self and #1 engine






1/19/2003  Click here for a short video of engine 1 starting up.


Cad drawings are by Robert Sigler {(C) 2003 Robert Sigler } who converted Dales drawings to 3D CAD before he start building.


More Engine pictures from Dale.



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