Jerry Howell         Colorado Springs, CO      

I have been designing and building a bar stock 90 degree V-Twin engine of 1" bore and 1-1/4" stroke. The "Howell V-Twin" engine is finished. 7/3/2003


Some in process pictures:

It won't be runnable at the CF 2003 show, but hopefully by NAMES in April. Here are a few pix of what I have so far. So for now I'll use the code name "Howell V-Twin". Maybe I'll even leave it at that permanently!






1/2 of the Crankshaft, Connecting Rods and Pistons with rings and wrist pins.


Here is another photo of the "Howell V-Twin" engine. I won't have time to do anymore to it before NAMES.

I hope to see you there!


Jerry sells plans and hard to find parts for a number of different sterling cycle engines and internal combustion engines from the simple to complex .


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