SILVER BULLET, by Bob Shores

The Silver Bullet was designed, patterned, cast and built during 1998. Quite a bit of time was required to produce the Aluminum casting frames, Mahogany patterns, match elates, furnace and gas burner. The cost of Mahogany wood, crucibles, firebricks and tools was significant. Almag was selected as the casting metal due to its superior characteristics. The Bullet was introduced at PRIME 99 and all casting kits were sold before the show started. It was exhibited at Cabin Fever 2000 and all casting kits were sold before noon the first day of the show. Ben Imbrock purchased the first casting kit in March of 1999. Ken Hurst built two Bullets and complains that he can get only 10,000 RPM out of them. Frank Monahan built a Bullet with a center main support, put it in a 4 boat with remote RC starting and has the same complaint.



Two cylinder, four cycle gas engine, Water cooled, 01W side operated, automotive type engine, Constructed using a casting kit.

Height 5.0

Width 3.0

Length 6.75

Bore .750

Stroke .750

Cylinder liner cast iron

Piston Aluminum

Flywheel 2.1 OD

Exhaust opens 120 degrees ATDC

Exhaust close 5 degrees ATDC

Ignition Adjustable Two spark coil

Sparkplug 1/4-32

Sparkplug gap .015

Antifreeze 40 cc

Oil 1Owt 30cc

Water pump Gear type

Fuel 9 parts unleaded gasoline/1 part WD-40

Lathe required 6 swing minimum