Solar Type Engine


My name is Tom Phillips from Broken Arrow, Oklahoma,  and I built this about one month ago.


This is a Mendocino type Solar engine, that I created after seeing a design sort of similar to it at an old engine show.  After coming back home I though that I could make one that would work a little better than the one I had seen.  This is my second one to design and build, the first one still works well but, this one has a smaller rotor and works much better.


It is a magnetically suspended rotor motor with no bearings and only a single contact of a the brass point on the mirror with very little friction.  The motor will run from a lamp or outdoors in direct sunlight.  The more light available, the faster it will run, with about approximately 600 RPM , the max….


The solar cells were ordered from eBay, direct from China with no shipping charges

(keaiwen 2009).  The cells (4 each), are mini solar cells at 4V-50mA 0.2W approximately

1” x 3 ¾” x ¼” thick, epoxy coated multi-cell. Close to unbreakable.  The plus and minus posts are marked and easy to solder on the back of the cells.  The rotor is 2” square balsa wood with the corners machined off at a 45 degree angle, purchased at a local hobby shop.


The cells (2ea) are 26 gauge magnet wire with 100 turns for each coil.  The cells are wired in series - two solar cells per a 100 turn wire coil.  The shaft is ¼” with ½” rare earth magnets axially magnetized (north and south on the face), with the magnets north facing towards the center.  The base has four per side ¾”OD x 5/16” ID rare earth magnets with the north facing towards the center.  The base driving magnet is inlayed into the floor of the motor slightly offset towards the front.  It is a 3/8”x 1”x 3/16” thick rare earth magnet with the north pole facing up towards the rotor….





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