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Jay Rich,          Iselin, NJ             1/21/2009

A.R.,  2 Cylinder

the engine I am working on I call it the a.r. engine after my grand fathers passing it was a idea engine I had and was talking to him about before he passed on and let me tell you what a pain in the but the frame is the same as the sidewinder same bore 5/8

I do have a ? I made a points cam at adheres and you've seen my barber pole distributor it is at 90 degrees the engine timing look good but i can get it to fire rite on cylinder 2 it want to fire but no luck so any suggestions

i need help i have enclosed all pics up to date of a in line twin i have been going nuts with all my own design i took nothing form any one i need  distributor help or a spark no spark case i have here are the pics please post and i admit i need help on this guy


there are two types that i have tried so far as in distributor the engine is called the a.r. and my grandfather Arthur Rich



2/1/2009  Distributor udate

well might of found a big problem the in side of some of my distributors were all acrhing the brass eyelet sizes were to big so i went to the smallest i had of a 7/64 head so and remakeing the cap one more time and i keep forgetting to write it all down for me or any one who wishes to make this distributor and cap but its all in my head ....jay



2/7/2009 Cam Cutter



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